Sales 2.0 For Dummies: Selling With the Web

Sales 2.0 For DummiesWe take a brief pause from Salesforce-related tips to inform you of a little book that I recently co-authored, called Sales 2.0 For Dummies. The book is part of the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference held in San Francisco at the end of October, and talks about how recent Web 2.0-type advancements that benefited the consumer are being used now for and by businesses.

One shining example of Sales 2.0 technologies and best practices is, you guessed it, Software as a service now offers legit business solutions, and has increased the importance of a savvy, entrepreneurial inside sales team.

You’ll read about what the heck we mean when we say Sales 2.0, some sample Sales 2.0 technologies your organization can use to be more efficient and effective with your customer interactions, and some Sales 2.0 business processes that you should adopt (and adapt to). Check out an excerpt of the book.

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