AppExchange App Review: Chatter Recall

икони цениWhat: A great free AppExchange app that allows Chatter users to automatically find archived answers whenever they post a question.

The Challenges this App Solves:

  1. When a Chatter user makes a post in the form of a question, responses/answers in the Comments aren’t archived for re-use. Similar questions could be posted within Chatter, and the institutional knowledge isn’t preserved.
  2. With Salesforce pushing for continued use of Chatter within a company, it is currently hard to take advantage of existing information that could already be archived in a variety of other Salesforce objects like: Solutions, Answers, Articles.

The Solution: Chatter Recall

  1. Chatter Recall will evaluate any question posted in Chatter and try to search Answers, Solutions, Articles for an existing response. The app will auto-comment to the post when it finds an appropriate response. You decide which combination of the objects you want the app to search.
  2. Information captured for the first time in Chatter comments can then be marked for archiving in other objects via the use of hashtags (like #answered).

This is great since any work done to capture historical info in other objects can be leveraged within the context of Chatter.


  • I only did a preliminary test in my DE org, which contained a small amount of existing Answers, Solutions, and Articles. There were times when auto-comments contained answers that did not seem like a match to my question.
  • So, it’s not perfect, and as an admin or Knowledge Manager you should be prepared to still pay attention to these incorrect auto-comments and appropriately cull them.
  • It’s best to pilot this in a small group to see how well your existing knowledge maps to questions asked.

Check out the demo on Youtube:

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