Top 5 New Year’s Salesforce Resolutions – 2011

ХудожникБогородицаIf you’re thinking about getting into the world of administration, you’re clearly evaluating a wise option. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a hot time to join the wonderful world of Salesforce:

  1. Take charge of your career destiny. Government isn’t helping. Companies are stepping in. Take a free Administration Fundamental course (like what tech consulting firm Bluewolf is offering. Full disclosure: I work here at the time of this posting), to learn the skills, study for the certification exam, pass it, and look for new job opportunities.
  2. Bridge the talent gap. There’s high unemployment, but those of us who are implementing Salesforce can’t find other qualified Salesforce experts fast enough! Any consultant who specializes in Salesforce implementations is overwhelmed right now, so there’s work to go around. You know that when entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table, that you should seriously consider joining that table. This won’t be a lazy person’s job – you’ll be expected to work hard, and manage your time intelligently. But you’ll reap the rewards.
  3. Join the conversation. With more user-friendly business applications like Salesforce entering the mainstream, business users and IT departments are talking together more than ever. Even if you don’t want to take the more technical path, learning sound Salesforce foundations (hm, like what’s discussed in the Dummies book) can still get involved in the conversation. Better yet, it might help you get on the project team if an implementation is happening in your company.
  4. Become a part of the Salesforce community. Have no fear, new Salesforce administrators don’t live in silos. Opportunity exists all around you, you just need to know about the various administrator and developer communities that abound online. There’s a LinkedIn group for Salesforce Certified-professionals, and if you go to Dreamforce (the annual user conference), you’ll be able to join the biggest network of power users within their Dreamforce community app.
  5. Transform yourself into a hero. With your new skills, and a supportive community to help you out, you’re on your way to helping your company get out of the slow lane. And if you’re pretty sure they won’t change? Well, with your new Salesforce knowledge, others will definitely want to talk with you.
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