Apex Trigger Samples – Salesforce Development Curriculum Week 2 Homework

You don’t have to be technical to want to learn some basic Salesforce Apex concepts (like triggers). If you’re a PM working on a solution that relies on Salesforce, learning how to read Salesforce Apex can give you valuable insight into how prior generations customized your instance. It also helps you troubleshoot some error messages that inevitably come up, saving your resource-constrained Salesforce developers time.

David Liu’s SFDC99 website is a wonderful resource that helps non-techies understand the basics of Salesforce’s proprietary language. He’s gone even further by outlining a self-paced Salesforce Developer Curriculum for you do-it-yourself-type learners.

I’ve started following this and am posting my homework results in a Gist for others to compare their coding against. Here’s what I have for Week 2’s Intro to Apex Triggers module. You can also go to my Gist directly to get this code.


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