How to Code Salesforce Apex for Complete Beginners

Usually when I see websites that help teach Salesforce Apex (their proprietary coding language), the sites all assume a basic understanding of Java and/or object-oriented concepts.

Women Code Heroes blog

For those of you accidental Salesforce administrators who need to troubleshoot technical errors, or want to take that declarative logical thinking to the next level, make sure to check out the Women Code Heroes site for some great content. (Full disclosure: I’ve been fondly reading the posts here as I’m on my own “learn Apex basics” journey within a greater volunteer community effort to expose coding concepts and Apex familiarity to women.)

The articles introduce foundational concepts of object-oriented programming using clever visuals and comparisons to real-life concepts. The blog’s author (Kieren Jameson) loves to cook, so her examples will resonate with those of you who’ve spent time in a kitchen, or just love to eat (like me).

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