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Site: Tips and Tools for Data Geeks

Thank you, Ezra Kenigsberg for this collection of great (and free!) data tools for any of us having to scrub and massage Salesforce info. It’s laid out in easy-to-read columns, with a brief summary of how a tool is to be used, and his thoughts on it. If you or anyone you know is a data expert dealing with Salesforce, send them here ASAP.

I’ve personally found Field Trip and Notepad++ extremely helpful (as a not-techie-enough user that sometimes has to deal with data, too).

Make sure you bookmark Ezra’s Salesforce data tips page now!

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Top 5 New Year’s Salesforce Resolutions – 2011

ХудожникБогородицаIf you’re thinking about getting into the world of administration, you’re clearly evaluating a wise option. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a hot time to join the wonderful world of Salesforce:

  1. Take charge of your career destiny. Government isn’t helping. Companies are stepping in. Take a free Administration Fundamental course (like what tech consulting firm Bluewolf is offering. Full disclosure: I work here at the time of this posting), to learn the skills, study for the certification exam, pass it, and look for new job opportunities.
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AppExchange App Review: Chatter Recall

икони цениWhat: A great free AppExchange app that allows Chatter users to automatically find archived answers whenever they post a question.

The Challenges this App Solves:

  1. When a Chatter user makes a post in the form of a question, responses/answers in the Comments aren’t archived for re-use. Similar questions could be posted within Chatter, and the institutional knowledge isn’t preserved.
  2. With Salesforce pushing for continued use of Chatter within a company, it is currently hard to take advantage of existing information that could already be archived in a variety of other Salesforce objects like: Solutions, Answers, Articles.
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Warning Sign #1 of a Doomed Cloud Implementation: Inconsistent Executive Buy-In

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Over the years I’ve helped a lot of companies with their salesforce implementations, as well as been part of internal IT implementation teams. In the next few posts, I discuss patterns I’ve seen that have told me that an implementation is headed for trouble. I also discuss actions you should take to get your cloud implementation back on course before things seriously derail.

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