For Dummies – 3rd Edition

I’m preparing to update the latest edition of For Dummies. It’s been a while since the last one, and the product(s) have gained a lot more muscle. The book will still be targeted to the new, non-technical user to Salesforce, which means I must continue to focus on the most fundamental parts of the products.  It’s been great to see the product suite continue to evolve in sophistication – that just makes my job harder because there are so many productivity-enhancing features to write about! But I’d love to get feedback from any new Salesforce users that stumble here. What is your biggest challenge with learning the products? What in the book has been the most helpful to you? What do you wish was covered? (When you answer, please help out the discussion by noting what Salesforce version you’re using, your experience with the application, and how your company is using it.)

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