Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies

Service Cloud For DumiesI’ve co-authored the latest mini-book for describing their customer service and support features, “’s Service Cloud For Dummies”. A free download of Service Cloud For Dummies is available if you provide your email to Salesforce.

In this edition, we cover a general overview of the basic Salesforce support offerings, and then all the extras that can help businesses take their service arm to the next level. This book is ideal for both business folks that need to understand all the new customer service offerings (including how Salesforce incorporates FaceBook and Twitter), and Salesforce administrators who may need a high-level intro to the Service side of the product before rolling it out to a new division.

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If you love:

  • doing Salesforce implementations (for non-profits or for-profits),
  • tackling business problems using the Salesforce app,
  • helping customers succeed,
  • and increasing your responsibilities with Salesforce,

there’s an opportunity for you to contribute immediately and greatly to a firm headquartered in Los Angeles. Looks like MK Partners has some openings for consultants (you don’t have to live in Southern California). Check out their Consultant job description for more details. (I will admit that I am a little biased here – the firm’s founder, Matt Kaufman, is my co-author and Technical Editor for several Salesforce For Dummies publications.)

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What is Salesforce Chatter?

Unveiled at’s Dreamforce 2009 user conference, Chatter is like Facebook for your business. This isn’t going to be available until 2010, so right now we can only base assumptions from the demo you see below. The premise is compelling – taking the positive aspects of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and applying them to your work world.

From the video alone, I can see value in a stream of status updates on products, marketing materials, or competitors. By being able to filter those into separate buckets, I could catch up on areas most interesting and relevant to me before an important customer call or meeting.

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How to Create a Custom App

The ability to create a custom application on top of Salesforce’s native platform has existed for several years. It’s been known by several names in the past (AppExchange apps, custom apps) and now, Apps.

Finally this video provides a nice summation in just a few minutes, to the essential steps in building your first custom Salesforce app.

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