Best Data Migration Tools for Non-Profits

Thanks to the folks at Exponent Partners for sharing a living document comparing top Salesforce data import tools for nonprofits, with a very detailed attribute list. These vendors made the list for their cost-effective options for non-profits using

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List of Salesforce Object Key Prefixes

While having to troubleshoot some custom button links that included hardcoded object and record IDs from a different org, I stumbled upon this cool list. Thanks to Daniel Ballinger for making this table that lists Salesforce object key prefixes. Salesforce Object Key Prefixes





In my case, I had an object ID for an org that I no longer had access to. I needed to ascertain if the object was a standard or custom one. If the prefix isn’t in this list, I can deduce that it’s a custom object and move on with my troubleshooting.

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Salesforce Public Tags: Potential for Greatness

подаръциОткъде да купя иконаRemember Salesforce’s Tags features from wayyy back in a 2008 release?

What Are Tags?

Back in the heyday of StumbleUpon and Delicious, tagging was all the rage. One had the ability to view a webpage, and categorize it using whatever set of labels you wanted, that worked best for your brain’s organizational style. Those labels were then searchable, in order to find items you’ve saved. took that consumer web feature, and allowed you to tag practically every record to whatever object you wanted. Its classic examples were that you could tag a Contact record as a “golfer”, or something to help you better relate to your clients. Salesforce tags could be for your own personal use (so only you could see them), or they could be public tags (where your tag could be seen by others in the company).

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Site: Tips and Tools for Data Geeks

Thank you, Ezra Kenigsberg for this collection of great (and free!) data tools for any of us having to scrub and massage Salesforce info. It’s laid out in easy-to-read columns, with a brief summary of how a tool is to be used, and his thoughts on it. If you or anyone you know is a data expert dealing with Salesforce, send them here ASAP.

I’ve personally found Field Trip and Notepad++ extremely helpful (as a not-techie-enough user that sometimes has to deal with data, too).

Make sure you bookmark Ezra’s Salesforce data tips page now!

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