NonProfit Edition – Webinars

In case you’re interested in learning about Salesforce’s support of nonprofits through its product donation program, they conduct weekly live webinars where you can hear about the program from a Foundation member, and then see a live demo of Nonprofit Edition.

The benefit here is that you can get first-level questions answered in real-time; also, a visual can do wonders to build on top of whatever you’ve read or heard about the program. It’s also mandatory if you’re thinking of applying to the Product Donation Program because they go through FAQs around eligibility.

The only drawback is yourself – if you get A.D.D. at your computer, you’re going to have to sit still and listen to the conference call and web conference, without getting distracted by your email and everything else in your office / cubicle.

If you’d rather do your homework on your own time, the Nonprofit Webinar Page also has a few links to a pre-recorded demo (but I haven’t tried that out).

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