Intuit Copies Salesforce’s AppExchange

It took me a while to post this, but last month, Intuit announced its own version of’s AppExchange, but for its Quickbase set of on-demand applications for small businesses.

I kicked around with Quickbase many years ago – the concept has been around for a while, before the AppExchange even launched. I found it hard back then to make some basic entity relationships between objects work…but back then I was trying to replicate SFA with add-on modules, and my expectations and familiarity with Salesforce had spilled over to my Quickbase expectations.

Fortunately, the AppExchange came around, and has been going strong for several years now. (IMHO, the only problem the AppExchange has is with properly marketing it and building brand awareness around the Directory and its several free add-ons one can find in the Directory.)

Back then, Flex wasn’t really around (or marketed), either, so I’m curious how strong the 3rd-party applications are today.

The article also mentions an online billing partner for subscription pricing models:

“Vindicia’s CashBox offering will provide the online billing infrastructure to enable the implementation of multiple subscription pricing models for developer applications, provide commuication templates to drive end-user renewals and retention, and offer reporting functionality across a wide variety of business metrics.”

Why didn’t Quickbase partner with Zuora, instead? They are the latest darling of the subscription billing-as-a-service providers (SBaaS?), and could lend some mojo to the PR effort. Or, is that coming later? (If anyone has any info on this, let us know!)

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